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Turnstile equipped with intelligent Eye Recognition devices within Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across UAE

Introduction This article examines the value of    Turnstile Speed Gates  equipped with smart face recognition technology, the benefits and applications for improving access control throughout the UAE. Understanding Turnstiles with Smart Eye Recognition Devices What are Turnstile Speed Gates? Turnstile Speed Gates are security mechanisms that are designed to control the flow of people into and out of secure zones. They have fast-moving barriers which open and close quickly permitting authorized people to enter while blocking unauthorized access. Intelligent Face Recognition Devices Intelligent facial detection devices  are sophisticated biometric systems that make use of facial recognition technologies to recognize people. The devices look at facial features and then match them to existing data in order to either grant access to or denial of access. The benefits of Turnstile Speed Gates with intelligent Eye Recognition Devices Enhanced Security The combination of  Turnst

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