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Biometric Access Control System Installation by Tektronix Technologies in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Across the UAE

Introduction to Biometric Access Control Systems What are Biometric Access Control Systems? Biometric access control systems are technological guardians of the contemporary world. There is no need to search for keys, or remembering several passwords. These devices utilize unique biological characteristics to allow access. In addition to scanning fingerprints and the recognition of faces, biometric access control systems are secure and convenience for controlling access to places and rooms as well as computers. Importance of Biometric Access Control Systems Gone are the days when locks and keys were sufficient to secure your valuable possessions. In the age of modern times, biometric access control systems are more prevalent and have become an important part of security systems. These devices provide a high amount of security relying on features that are specific for each person. They do not just block unauthorized access but also guarantee an accurate identification. This elimi

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