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Enhanced Tracking and Management: Visitor Software for KSA Businesses

 In today's dynamic world of business safety and efficiency is a top priority for every company. Particularly, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) in which businesses flourish in the age of technological advances and modernization the need for robust visitor management systems has become essential more than ever. Tektronix Technologies addresses this need by introducing TEKVISIT which is a Smart Visitor Management Software designed to completely transform the management and tracking of visitors to companies all over Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Medina, Mecca, Al-Jawf, Al-Khobar, Jubail, Tabuk, Taif, and Al-Mubarraz.


Enhanced Tracking and Management: Visitor Software for KSA Businesses

Revolutionizing Visitor Management

TEKVISIT isn't just another tracker for visitors in Saudi Arabia; it's a complete solution that aims to replace obsolete methods like registers and logbooks. Its advanced capabilities and seamless integration TEKVISIT guarantees a smooth visitors' experience, while also improving security measures within the premises.


Key Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits

ID Integration to Temperature Monitoring

TEKVISIT stands out with its integration of a temperature sensor in the facial recognition panels it has in Jeddah. The innovative method allows the use of a touch-free temperature monitor during identification, which contributes to the safety and cleanliness of the setting.

Comprehensive Visitor Information Management

From contact information to visitor demographics and the history of visitors, TEKVISIT maintains a detailed data base of information about visitors. Visitors are issued an individual pass that includes vital details including meeting dates as well as access points that have been authorized making sure that the management of visitors is efficient and accountable.

Real-Time Notifications and Access Control

When a visitor arrives, TEKVISIT automatically notifies the concerned employee via email. It also provides relevant visitor information and the designated meeting room. Furthermore mobile soft passes equipped with unique barcodes provide limited access to certain areas, increasing security.


Smart Integration AI Technology

TEKVISIT's integration AI technology provides a variety of advantages, such as:

  • Artificial Intelligence-powered Face Recognition: Ensures the verification of visitors in real time and authenticating.
  • Customizable pre-registration: Streamlines the process of checking-in for guests.
  • Integration with Security Systems: Seamlessly integrates with access control systems and surveillance cameras.
  • Automatic Badge Generation: Generates visitor’s badges and IDs quickly and easily.
  • Real-Time Monitoring and Tracking: Provides insight into the activity of visitors through access logs as well as report tools.
  • Manual Verification Options: Enables the manual verification of security personnel in the event of the recognition fails.


TEKVISIT from Tektronix Technologies represents a significant technological advancement in visitor management for KSA companies. Thanks to its advanced features integrated seamlessly, its seamless interface, and the dedication to security and effectiveness, TEKVISIT ensures a superior user experience, while reducing the risks caused by manual procedures.


1. What is TEKVISIT's method of ensuring security for visitors?

TEKVISIT is a strict adherent to security protocols for privacy, keeping the visitor's data in a safe manner, and utilizing the data solely for verification purposes and for management.

2. Does TEKVISIT be integrated with the existing security technology?

Indeed, TEKVISIT seamlessly integrates with diverse security solutions, such as access control as well as security cameras to enhance overall security capabilities.

3. Does TEKVISIT ideal for businesses that are of any size?

Absolutely, TEKVISIT caters to organizations that are of all sizes, providing customized solutions that are tailored to meet specific company needs.

4. Does TEKVISIT provide multi-language support?

Yes, the mobile app of TEKVISIT offers multi-language support, which ensures the accessibility of a wide range of users.

5. What does TEKVISIT aid in COVID-19 security procedures?

The temperature monitor feature of TEKVISIT encourages contactless interaction and aids in identifying potential symptomatic guests, adding to general health and safety procedures within the buildings.


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