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Biometric access control system by Tektronix Technologies can now be found throughout Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other parts of UAE.

Biometric Access Control System. What Is Biometric Access Control? Biometric access systems provide an innovative means of controlling who gains entry to certain areas. By verifying a person's identity with unique facial or iris patterns, these biometric systems ensure only authorized personnel gain entry. Importance of Access Control Now Access control has become more crucial due to security breaches and threats than ever. Access control provides essential protection to various industries - corporate offices, governments, healthcare institutions, educational facilities and other organizations among them. Biometric Access Control Systems in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE has seen widespread adoption. UAE's adoption of biometric access control systems Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well as other UAE cities have taken to adopting Biometric Control Access Systems due to their futuristic aesthetics. These systems have been installed across various spaces within UAE from offices fo

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